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Replacement foam for our targets are available in approx 12-13cm* sections (*see below for variant).

*New for 2021*  Want to try something different – Try our new (2021) HD core replacement foam section. You still maintain the benefits of layered foam, however, the core section is molded directly into the layered foam (replaces the centre section) and covers the gold area of a 122cm target face.

More suitable for high peak draw/high draw weigh compound and recurve archers. Not suitable for longbow (unless your piles are secured well). The HD core replacement foam section is 24cm high, compared to the normal 12cm sections.

The HD core section is a drop in replacement for our existing large target portfolio.

The following quantities are required to fully re-pack each target.

TZ130 SPT = 11 sections

TZ100 SPT  = 10 sections

TZ90 SPT = 8 sections

TZ65 SPT = 6 sections

TZ45 SPT Triple = 8 sections

Please let us know if you have a plain/preserved or tanalised target when ordering so we can cut the slot out to the correct dimensions for you.

We can also cut foam for other suppliers targets, please contact us for further details.


£21.00 Prices from (inc VAT)
TZ130 SPRF Replacement Foam
£17.50 Prices from (inc VAT)
TZ100 SPRF Replacement Foam
£14.50 Prices from (inc VAT)
TZ90 SPRF Replacement Foam
£12.00 Prices from (inc VAT)
TZ65 SPRF Replacement Foam
£11.00 Prices from (inc VAT)
TZ45 SPRF Replacement Foam
New for 2021
£62.40 (inc VAT)
TZ130 SPRFC Replacement Foam Cored