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NEW FOR 2021

Worried about the environment, concerned regarding the amount of landfill? Try Tenzone Targets new Target Re-Core service for 2021.

We cut out an old worn core (16.5cm) and re-fill with our new High-Density Core, molded directly into your old block.

The new core contains approx 10% recycled material (in house recycled), helping us reduce the amount of material sent to landfill.

Your old core will also be recycled and will form part of a future replacement core. 

Cores are mouded in-house and are faced off either side with a neoprene cover to help prevent moisture ingress.

Old blocks also purchased for our new service exchange programme (subject to condition-contact for details).

£42.95 Prices from (inc VAT)
Target Block Re-Core Suitable for compound, longbow and recurve bow styles.